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    Mu online PVP bonus class system

    Hey everyone, check out the awesome new changes in MU Online's Bonus Character PVP System!

    MU Online's PVP system for bonus characters just got a big upgrade, making battles super exciting! Now, the game has a fair and balanced setup, with special powers for each character. You can use your skills to compete against really strong opponents and win cool rewards like special treasures, rare items, and cool looks for your character. Get ready for epic battles in REBEL MU Online!

    And guess what? Each character now has a special system to deal extra damage and defend themselves in battles! It's like having superpowers for your favorite characters! How cool is that? 🌟🎮

    1. DK (Dark Knight)

      • PVP Bonus Power VS: SLAYER
    2. DW (Dark Wizard)

      • PVP Bonus Power VS: ILLUSION KNIGHT
    3. ELF (Elf)

      • PVP Bonus Power VS: SUMMONER
    4. MG (Magic Gladiator)

      • PVP Bonus Power VS: LEMURIA
    5. DL (Dark Lord)

      • PVP Bonus Power VS: RUNE WIZARD
    6. SU (Summoner)

      • PVP Bonus Power VS: DARK WIZARD
    7. RF (Rage Fighter)

      • PVP Bonus Power VS: GUN CRUSHER
    8. GL (Dark Knight)

      • PVP Bonus Power VS: DARK KNIGHT
    9. RW (Rage Fighter)

      • PVP Bonus Power VS: RAGE FIGHTER
    10. SLA (Slayer)

      • PVP Bonus Power VS: WHITE WIZARD
    11. GC (Dark Lord)

      • PVP Bonus Power VS: DARK LORD
    12. LW (Magic Gladiator)

      • PVP Bonus Power VS: MAGIC GLADIATOR
    13. LM (Growl Lancer)

      • PVP Bonus Power VS: GROWL LANCER
    14. IK (Elf)

      • PVP Bonus Power VS: ELF


    You'll see the special effects of the PVP bonuses when you battle someone with the same gear as yours in MU Online. If your character has better gear, you'll have a clear advantage. But watch out, if your gear is not as good, you might not win in PVP battles. So, gear up and get ready for some epic showdowns!

    Posted 22-12-2023
    Currently this is only one server.
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