Mu online server NEW CLIENT available

Due the latest big mu top 100 patches we are releasing a fully updated mu online client, it's ready for downloading right now in our muonline download section !

Mu online top 100 private servers 2019

Mutop100 fix list for mu online servers 2019:

- Upgraded, mu top 100 blood/dark/holy-angel + awakening + all lucky items ancients options.
- Fixed book of samahut skill hits 1 hit
- Fixed custom jewels do not stack
- Fixed Kanturu event terrains
- Fixed issue that was applying exp while staying in safe zone
- Fixed ability to "block" Nixie Lake muonline event by a player
- Fixed Jewel of Kondar in our muserver to use on full exc item and adjusted its functionality to work up to 9 exc options
- Fixed 4th Enhanced Dark Side skill damage issue
- Fixed unavailability quests in Zyro NPC
- Fixed mu online inventory expansion quest issues
- Fixed an issue causing sort of "lag" or "delay" while attacking monsters
- Fixed selection of muonline options not workin in Blue Eye items
- Fixed Errtels upgrade invalid element issue
- Fixed Security vulnerability
- Fixed option names jewel of harmony
- Fixed mu server elemental upgrade at adniel to lvl3 and higher
- Updated mu cashshop muonline season 14
- Mu online Fixed minor security issue's
- Can sell silver & gold key in our mu client
- Updates xshop with more items
- Fixed xshop pets
- Removed double npc lorencia
- Nars,Uruk mountains have now farming spots & bosses
- Fixed GrowLancer attribute spelling case in MuQuest.xml
- Fixed muonline Summon Scrolls chaos mix 
- Fixed quests unavailability at Zyro NPC
- Fixed mutop100 Quest System rewards issue
- Added muserver support of Kubera Mine maps to party Move system
- Fixed mu online GameServer freeze issue
- Max mu top 100 stats are now 64k due bug overvalue gives less damage/defence
- Max muonline level is 1050
- fix explosion skill life drain

Posted 28 / 05 / 2019








- Golden box has % it drops ruudboxes
- Silver box has % it drops ruudboxes
- Silvester = goblin points + items + Ruud boxes
- God of darkness = goblin points + items + Ruud boxes
- Core magriffy = goblin points + more item drops + Ruud boxes
- Nix = more item drops + Ruud boxes

- Box of kundun drops goblin points
- Kundun drops now more items + Ruud boxes
- Erohim boss is abit weaker now

- Medusa gives % of ruud boxes + 500 wcoins
- Rathian has % of wcoin boxes drops
- Wcoin-box drops 1500 wcoins

- Added valkerie's at elbeland
- Added erohim's at elbeland
- Added deathking/skeleton at elbeland

- Added spots at swamp of calmness
- Added bosses ad swamp of calmness

- Addes spots at vulcanus
- Added bosses at vulcanus

- Fixed requim skill
- Fixed delays of some buffs

- kantru 1-2-3 gemstone drops improved ( still rare ) 
- mastery succesrates up to 100%
- item lucky can be sold now
- delay on some skills are reduced now
- stun skill fix masterskilltree
- MG pvm improved
- PVP fixes all classes 9x9 tested! 
-- 81 character battles tests and tuning are done.
- Improved bosses dmg/hp/def/
-- erohim drops now new sets. 
-- more erohim bosses at different maps
-- zaikan more powerfull, must use party
-- zaikan rewards is now 7500 wcoins
- bc 10x enter a day fix
- new bosses added, valkerie
- fixed filter issue's
- fixed dc issue for elf multishot at kalrutan spot 
- removed pvp-event from silentmap
- added new pvp-event at new ring-map at davias
- added new warp to silentmap
- added new map boss-zone2
- added new boss valkerie
-- added boss at silentmap
-- added boss at skymap
- box of kundun drops now only custom items ( box5 still drops AA items for all classes )

Fixed diverse translations 
Fxied files configuration ArcaBattleBooty MBoxShop for Eng version
Fixed default rates config of OptionMixCount in ItemGradeOption.xml
Fixed MuQuest reward issue
Fixed Party Move issue
Fixed Jewel Bundles configuration among range of files and systems
Fixed Socket mixes issues
Fixed 3D Cam get automatically enabled after map move
Fixed Blue Eye conversion mixes
Fixed Chaos Castle invitation ticket not working
Fixed Golden Invasion visual effect
Fixed Red Dragon invasion effect appearing on event square map
Fixed ability to fix Pandora pick using stacked jewels


PVP currently fixed battles.

BK vs ELF    fixed
BK vs MG    fixed
BK vs SUM    fixed
BK vs DW    fixed
BK vs GL    fixed
BK vs RW    fixed
BK vs DL    fixed
BK vs BK    fixed
BK vs RF    fixed

ELF vs ELF    fixed
ELF vs MG    fixed
ELF vs SUM    fixed
ELF vs DW    fixed
ELF vs GL    fixed
ELF vs RW    fixed
ELF vs DL    fixed
ELF vs BK    fixed
ELF vs RF    fixed

SM vs ELF    fixed
SM vs MG    fixed
SM vs SUM    fixed
SM vs SM    fixed
SM vs GL    fixed
SM vs RW    fixed
SM vs DL    fixed
SM vs BK    fixed
SM vs RF    fixed

MG vs ELF    fixed
MG vs MG    fixed
MG vs SUM    fixed
MG vs DW    fixed
MG vs GL    fixed
MG vs RW    fixed
MG vs DL    fixed
MG vs BK    fixed
MG vs RF    fixed

SUM vs ELF    fixed
SUM vs MG    fixed
SUM vs SUM    fixed
SUM vs DW    fixed
SUM vs GL    fixed
SUM vs RW    fixed
SUM vs DL    fixed
SUM vs BK    fixed
SUM vs RF    fixed

GL vs ELF    fixed
GL vs MG    fixed
GL vs SUM    fixed
GL vs DW    fixed
GL vs GL    fixed
GL vs RW    fixed
GL vs DL    fixed
GL vs BK    fixed
GL vs RF    fixed

RW vs ELF    fixed
RW vs MG    fixed
RW vs SUM    fixed
RW vs DW    fixed
RW vs GL    fixed
RW vs RW
RW vs DL    fixed
RW vs BK    fixed
RW vs RF    fixed

RF vs ELF    fixed
RF vs MG    fixed
RF vs SUM    fixed
RF vs DW    fixed
RF vs GL    fixed
RF vs RW    fixed
RF vs DL    fixed
RF vs BK    fixed
RF vs RF    fixed

DL vs ELF    fixed
DL vs MG    fixed
DL vs SUM    fixed
DL vs DW    fixed
DL vs GL    fixed
DL vs RW    fixed
DL vs DL
DL vs BK    fixed
DL vs RF    fixed

Posted 18 / 05 / 2019

Mutop100 Season 14 updated today !

Finally we can experience the power of a full season14 mu server. 

Redownload the new client from our download section, and use your old account to login !


Have fun !

Posted 30 / 04 / 2019

Mu online top 100 private server updates

Mu online top 100 private server fixes

- Added extra Latin-US mu top 100 online subserver 3.
-- Fixed muonline guild creation on muserver 1 not visible at muserver 3
-- Fixed dual login on both mutop100 servers issue

- Fixed custom bows height max 4.
- Fixed inventory bows not in the display correctly in the middle.
- Added PVP zones to maps lorencia and dualzone at non-pvp server
- Fixed issue with push back in lorencia
- Fixed RF glove/sword

- Global fps lag gameplay optimalisations
-- Some sets changed there appearence, because bad FPS design issue
-- Disabled 3d only at lorencia
-- Viewing distance reduced
-- Fixed files ram-usage
-- Added new custom items
-- Added new ancient options Ultimate
-- Download the anti-lag mu client for perfect pvp !

- XShop fixes
-- Lances bug
-- Cross shield has now exe options

- Offtrade enabled at NORIA
-- type /offtrade ingame

- Added elemental rune at lorencia bar ( 150m zen )
- Added elena letter dimension gate at lorencia bar.
- removed guarda bottles (due bug)

- Fixed custom lances for growl lancer issue with no skills

- Fixed all the muonline skills for DW.
-- The dark wizard skills feels more faster and smooth due agility bug fixes
-- Increased the mu PvM damage

- Fixed all the mu online skills for MG.
-- The muonline magic gladiator feels more faster and smooth

- Fixed all the mu top 100 server skills for SUM.
-- The mu top 100 summoner skills feels faster and smoother
-- Reduced mu lightning shock but increased the muonline skill speed
-- Increased the FireBeast damage percentage
-- Increased the AquaBeast damage percentage
-- Removed skill delay on pollution skill
-- Increased damage Explotion & Requiem

- Fixed all mu private server skills for RF.
-- The muserver ragefighter skills are faster and smoother 
-- Darkside skill distance increased
-- Dragon roar damage reduced and distanced decreased, visual lag fixed
-- Fixed boost maximum vitality skilltree didn't add
-- Debuff skills in muhelper dc fix

- Fixed mu online private server skills for DL.
-- The muonline darklord skills are faster and smoother.
-- Fireburst visual restored
-- Firescream hits ultra fast now

- Fixed mutop private mu server skills for GL.
-- The mu online growl lancer skills are faster and smoother.
-- Shining peak does more damage
-- Spin step damage increased
-- Magic Pin damage decreased

- Fixed mu skills for ELF.
-- The muserver elf skills are faster and smoother.
-- Ice arrow does more damage
-- fixed penetration skill
-- (triple shot removed on custom bows, seems glitched for now)

- Fixed mu skills for DK.
-- The mu server dark knight skills fixes
-- Rageful blow damage increased
-- Strike of destruction increased
-- Added twisting slash delay (due lag issue)
-- increased ts damage muonline


Posted 23 / 02 / 2019

Currently this is only one server.