Mu online server NEW CLIENT available

Due the latest big mu top 100 patches we are releasing a fully updated mu online client, it's ready for downloading right now in our muonline download section !

Mu online top 100 private servers 2019

Mutop100 fix list for mu online servers 2019:

- Upgraded, mu top 100 blood/dark/holy-angel + awakening + all lucky items ancients options.
- Fixed book of samahut skill hits 1 hit
- Fixed custom jewels do not stack
- Fixed Kanturu event terrains
- Fixed issue that was applying exp while staying in safe zone
- Fixed ability to "block" Nixie Lake muonline event by a player
- Fixed Jewel of Kondar in our muserver to use on full exc item and adjusted its functionality to work up to 9 exc options
- Fixed 4th Enhanced Dark Side skill damage issue
- Fixed unavailability quests in Zyro NPC
- Fixed mu online inventory expansion quest issues
- Fixed an issue causing sort of "lag" or "delay" while attacking monsters
- Fixed selection of muonline options not workin in Blue Eye items
- Fixed Errtels upgrade invalid element issue
- Fixed Security vulnerability
- Fixed option names jewel of harmony
- Fixed mu server elemental upgrade at adniel to lvl3 and higher
- Updated mu cashshop muonline season 14
- Mu online Fixed minor security issue's
- Can sell silver & gold key in our mu client
- Updates xshop with more items
- Fixed xshop pets
- Removed double npc lorencia
- Nars,Uruk mountains have now farming spots & bosses
- Fixed GrowLancer attribute spelling case in MuQuest.xml
- Fixed muonline Summon Scrolls chaos mix 
- Fixed quests unavailability at Zyro NPC
- Fixed mutop100 Quest System rewards issue
- Added muserver support of Kubera Mine maps to party Move system
- Fixed mu online GameServer freeze issue
- Max mu top 100 stats are now 64k due bug overvalue gives less damage/defence
- Max muonline level is 1050
- fix explosion skill life drain

Posted 28 / 05 / 2019 By MuAdmin

Currently this is only one server.