Muonline CC - New big updates - 21-september-2021

We have installed a big mu online patch for season 16 episode 2.

This muonline patch provides better stability, solved random crashes and improved/fixed many issue's the muplayers reported at our discord :)

Thanks all for the patience and we hope you enjoy the mu online hotpatch!


Full mu online update logs:

- Added support of all new elemental mixes support
- Fixed harmony options disappear or not working properly
- Fixed client crash while equipping pentagram items or moving selected types of items across inventory
-- when change map (sometime)
-- when equip pentagram, earing
-- when i throw wc box (sometime)
-- random sometime just crash!
- (still need to fix lucky item crash, will come on next patch )

- Fixed Archangel Will buff skill damage keeps accumulating
- Fixed combo miss and visual issues
- Fixed inability to enter chaos castle
- Fixed invalid mastery box expiration date upon chaos castle reward receipt
- Fixed not displaying tooltip for items 12,162-166
- Fixed default earring configuration
- Fixed default item.bmd/ItemList.xml configuration
- Added support of new Labyrinth of Dimension feature: fixed monsters element drawn at beginning of the labyrinth league
- Fixed labyrinth add user issues
- Fixed IsStrongBeliefActive and IsFixedFireActive checks in CalcCharacter.lua
- Fixed issues reported for stable release
- Fixed Pierce skill functionality
- Fixed Sword Blow skill range issue
- Fixed Skill barrages issues
- Fixed Combo miss issue
- Fixed client crash caused by mastery pentagrams it is recommended to delete out old pentagrams
- Fixed Harmony Option issues
- Fixed Game Server crash
- Fixed some xshop discription
- Fixed x-shop pets duration to 1 day
- Reduced death stab damage
- Swell life has now max 40% for bk and 70% for partymember(nonbk)

Posted21 / 09 / 2021ByMuAdmin

Currently this is only one server.