Mu online season 15 special PvP edition server, in this muonline server we installed a new approach for PvP. Every mu online class has different bonuses versus opposing classes.

New mu online PvP System installed. Mu online specialty classes system.

 Dark Wizard power bonus    vs Slayer
 Blade knight power bonus     vs Summoner
 Elf bonus  power bonus        vs dark knight
 Magic gladiator power bonus     vs dark lord
 Darklord power bonus         vs Dark wizard
 Summoner power bonus        vs Grow lancer
 Ragefighte power bonus        vs ELF
 Grow Lancer power bonus    vs Rune wizard
 Rune wizard power bonus     vs Rage fighter
 Slayer power bonus         vs Magic gladiator

With our new PvP system, we balanced all characters to be on equal power + we installed a new class system.
The class with power bonus has extra damage and extra defense vs the opposing classes.

Posted 16 / 04 / 2020 By MuAdmin


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