Mu online new updates - 7 october 2021

We are getting close to perfecting our mu online season 16 episode 2 edition.

In this muonline hotpatch we solved many more mu online bugs and improved the gameplay with the following mu online s16e2 fixes.

1. fixed skills names in the tooltip
2. added custom sets
---including new ancient options
3. added custom weapons
4. fixed glow of customs
5. fixed rotation of customs
6. increased success rate pentagram & errtels
-- Fixed success rate of options, fairer (easier) to get different options now :)
7. Increased elf PVM damage
8. Increased summoner PVM damage
9. Increased rune wizard PVM damage
10. Added drops of items to the new map.
--- Including exe rings/pendants
--- Including empty spheres
11. Increased success rate earrings & levelup
12. Increased DL PVP damage
13. Reduced haste skill damage
14. Reduced Chaos Blade damage
15. Reduced Havok Spear Enhancement
16. Fixed HP increase RF
17. Reduced Spiral Charge
18. Reduced Crusher Charge
19. Reduced Elemental Charge
20. Fixed some issue's in the news system
21. Added custom shield
22. Increased SM PVM
23. Added more items to X-shop

And more installed muonline fixes:

-Fixed Stat Specialize
-Fixed conflict of Offline Levelling and Personal Store systems
-Fixed SQLState error on IGC_Labyrinth_LeagueAddUser procedure call
-Added support of Harmony options to Gremory Case
-Fixed Triple shot skill stops acting damage after a period of time
-Fixed selected mastery upgrade mixes
-Fixed 4th earrings options settings
-Fixed VIP icon plugins not appearing
-Fixed mastery pentagram level requirements
-Fixed use of miracle shop sometimes deletes an invalid item
-Fixed invalid functionality of damage reduction harmony option
-Added support of gemstone mix at Elips NPC 
-Added support of Stone Crafting at Jerrydon NPC 
-Restored dinorant mix
-Fixed Seed Sphere upgrade pruning invalid item
-Fixed inventory item bundle option not working properly for elemental items
-Fixed PentagramJewelOptionValue.txt
-Modified pierce skill attack type
-Fixed detection skill issues

-Fixed game client crash after use of chaos box
-Enabled support of 3D camera and anti-lag systems


Posted07 / 10 / 2021ByMuAdmin

Currently this is only one server.