Major updates coming.

We are currently changing and fixing the game for the best.

At the moment we finalised the perfect antihack, so you are required to re-download the new client. Or run update.exe if successfull.


We expect our grand re-opening at vrijdag 26 october. All old players will get freebe's and donators will get there points reimburst offcourse.

We keep you up to date !

Posted 18 / 10 / 2018

Muonline top 100 updates 15 september 2018

Thanks all for reporting on bugs and help testings: 
We have installed a fully new patch with epic fixes !

Muonline top 100


- seeds drops from pvp event & silvester are fixed now
- offtrade disabled for now
- erohim drops fixed
- erohim boss = power now
- erohim gives upto 12 custom items with % its ancient + excellent
- erohim gives 2500 goblin points.
- added spirit powder drop from higher maps

- fixed custom items cannot wear at low stats/level
- Rf skills improved, general better feeling pvm & pvp damage fixes
- Dw skills damage & feeling fixed
- Bk skills damage & feeling fixed, ruud skill also improved
- Dl skills damage & feeling fixed
- Summoner skills speed fixed, feels better on pvm & pvp 

- Fixed party exp issue
- Fixed Dark side skill range issue
- Fixed selected items do not auto-stack
- Fixed crywolf monsters spawn issue
- Fixed issues with NotApplyStunOnReflectDamage option
- Blocked ability to use /setparty in Chaos Castle event
- Fixed spirit stone chaos mix gets stuck sometimes
- Fixed fruits systems not working properly when using non-default points per level config
- Added ViewRange attribute to IGC_MapAttribute.xml
- Fixed minor translation issue required level.
- Fixed maximum maximum level display of 400 in C window
- Extended maximum Blood Castle event monsters (boss to 50 and general to 250)
- Fixed set / socket options for Rage Fighter class
- Fixed Santa Village invitation level requirement issue


- Added rings & pendants to Core magriffy included ultimatum/block/protection & protector rings.
- Ring of ultimatum/block/protection & protector in webshop.
- Fixed some webshop link & bugged rings.
- Grand reset limit up to 99 now.
- MG pvm damage fixed.

- Triple shot skill stops working after 2-3 hits: fixed
- Changed hp life socket to value 15.000 at lvl1, you can use 5xlvl1 at webshop
- You can upgrade ingame non-double socket hp to 30.000 life increase ( ingame items only, cannot donate for them )


- Tested & tweaked pvp with life socket 5x vs acc+exe result is epic. 
-- ACC+exe = high attack, socket is high defence, so choise your play style.


- Nix boss has more hp and attack damage now, but rewards are higher.
- boss of ferea has more hp and attack damage now, but rewards are higher.

- Add new custom sets, gogeta and goku SS5 socket set.
- reduced combo damage a little based on pvp test-results socket sets vs acc+exe

Posted 15 / 09 / 2018

Muonline new patch 30 august

30 august update list

- Lastman standing npc walks away
- Lastman standing event: map changed
- Lastman standing event: Bug goes out of bound fix
- Socket items upgrade, gives same count sockets as orginal upgrade item
- Upgrade archangel items 100% fix
- Socket now can have same options ( but only at low %, so 5x5% damage reduction now possible )
- max damage decrease is now 150%
- Events party warp disabled
- Poison arrow damage reduced
- Increase RF pvp damage
- Added elemental rune + powder to acheron
- New ancient items dont need lvl 800 anymore
- elf multishot reduced



24 august update list

- Antihack install / teleport issue
- when you upgrade your socket item skill/luck loss fix
- spots at raklion
- crywolf event drops custom jewels & ancients
- sky-map non-pvp
- new ancient items seems to be some error on total options fix
- Cannot wear dark devil shield and miracle staff fix
- added socket shield drops raklion
- knicks boss drops rings+pendants and jewel of dark bless/soul
- GoD of Darkness only drops custom jewel
- Acheron spots added with drops for mithril farming
- Change npc position Luke Lastman standing + rename to 138-140 lorencia
- trade/store lucky tickets
- Soul seeker/Meteor storm/Meteor strike damage reduced, increased other skills pvm and pvp

Posted 30 / 08 / 2018

Muonline 16 august updates

We've added alot of new custom items, these items can can contains up to 2 different ancient types !

Other fixes:

- MG ruud skill reduced

- HP bug half when buff fix

- Improved bosses drops

- Improved Xshop

- Grand resets enabled !



Make sure to run update.exe to get the latest fixes

Posted 16 / 08 / 2018

Big updates installed: 27-7-2018

Allright the next updates are installed now!
- run update.exe to collect the latest fixes.

- New ingame shop items (x)
-- For 6 excellent set
-- Custom jewels
-- Wings lvl 1-2-3-4

- (Website) online time gives now 50 wcoins par hour.
- Added good wcoins farming from bosses & events.
- Fixed skilltree 3th&4th passive formula's to match PvM and PvP.
- Fixed alot of skill damage & PvP/Pvm OP issue's.
- Increased PvM damage of all skills ( due to nerf for bugged OP 1-hit skills ).
- Increased Ruud from bosses 15k up to 55k par boss.
- Added serverside antihack for skillspeed.
- Increased HP for all characters.
- Allow FO+acc drops ingame, and you can upgrade them with harmony ( tested with pvp, result is fixed faster pvp, but not 1 hit KO )
- Can trade items with JOH now.
- Added Lorencia ring PK-Free zone.

- All Bosses Removed ennoying skill that all goes MISS MISS MISS, except elemental damage hits
-- Some bosses, summon minions. You have to kill them first ( this is designed miss rate )

- Reduced Kundun HP
- Core magriffy reduce HP
-- but increased damage abit
- Reduced Sylvester HP
-- added wcoins 500 always drops
-- can drop ruud 30%
-- can drop 7 socket item
-- can drop jewel of socket ( adds +1 socket options )

- Removed balrog mob from BC.
- Added wcoins in BC wizard.

- Increased FO item droprate from any excellent item drop ( I dropped 15 boxes and found FO item ).
- Fixed alot of items that were stuck in event inventory.
- Trade items fixed ( panda, etc )
- Increased starters EXP abit.
- JOH have now fair option to be a good option ( all options has 50% chance ).
- When creating wings from chaos machine, good % has quality excellent options, and moderate % for FO.

- Spots added to nix, darkness
- Increased droprate sXIII items at higher maps
-- Steel of Heaven
-- Stones

- Added lucky coins npc to lorencia

And alot more small fixes, but forgot to write down xD

Have fun !

Posted 27 / 07 / 2018

Currently this is only one server.