New updates ready !

Run update.exe to download the latest patches

  • Added 3D Camera and UI for it (F6 to enable/disable, F7 to reset, F8 to hide UI, keep SHIFT pressed to control camera)
  • Added server time display UI
  • Added "Resets" display to "C" window
  • Fixed fourth wings lose their attribute options after level up mix
  • Blocked ability of joining party by players participating Labyrinth of Dimension event with use of party matching system
  • Fixed God od Darkness drop issue and general drop issue from bags assigned to boss monsters
  • Fixed Gaion drop Luck attribute is not working
  • Fixed party move conditions not respecting PartyUserMove option
  • Fixed Lightning Shock skill not wotking with FriendlyFire option
  • Fixed CPU high load on reconnect system while used together with Launcher proxy module
  • Fixed Electric storm issue after skilltree upgrade
  • Fixed some false positives on teh antihacksystem
  • Increased all characters HP

Posted 31 / 10 / 2018

Expected maintaince 31-oct 17-gmt+1

Dear users,

We expect tomorrow a downtime of 15 minutes at 17 gmt+1. We will release the patch date when we finished installing the fixes.


Have fun !

Posted 30 / 10 / 2018

New patch available, run update.exe !

We added a new muonline patch just now, Run update.exe to collect the latest fixes !

- Antihack issue on windows process lsass.exe.

- New launcher with options added.



Posted 27 / 10 / 2018

New client available, 26 october

Hello all,

We finished our final muonline client, at 26 october, please redownload this muclient in our mutop100 download section. Or run in your muclient the update.exe.

Almost ready for the mu online grand opening. Be prepared :D


Posted 26 / 10 / 2018

Grand Opening muonline Saturday 27 October

Muonline top 100 muservers

Hi all,

After discussing with the top players, we've decided to fix that latest reported issue's in our muserver and start our grand re-opening at Saturday 27-October-2018.


Our main focus points and improvements are:

- New mu online antihack system, preventing macro and diverse muhacks. 

- Stricter banning ingame, ruining the muserver gameplay resulting to faster bans

- Improved PVM, all classes are almost similair in damage par second to monsters. there are offcourse differences par class but not as big as before.

- Improved PVP muonline system, tested with 8 characters vs 8 characters = 64 battles. Refining gears & skills percentages aswell.


mutop muonline top 100 servers​​​​​​​


It's advised you re-download the latest mutop100 client.



Posted 22 / 10 / 2018

Currently this is only one server.