New updates 17 jan 2019

Important new updates are ready

muonline top 100

Or run update.exe in your mutop100 gameclient !



Posted 16 / 01 / 2019


Finally after spending alot of time on the test-server we gladly announce the new items on mutop100 !

To enjoy those items, you must redownload the muonline client 2019 now !



You still can play with the old client, but all new items will be invisible.

Posted 08 / 01 / 2019

Updates 14 December

 - Siege error when loren deep event
 - Missing MUUN error
 - 380 options changes: pants & gloves 32k hp (had bug) changed to 150 extra pvp/true-damage attribute
 - Fire Burst skill attack distance
 - buff effect 1 instead of buff effect 2 value being applied for selected period items
 - selected SD potions do not apply valid effect
 - MonsterSpawn Event continues to spawn monster after end time
 - Guide Quest quest completion and reward for players doing it in party
 - high reflect on elemental damage
 - Blocked ability to use combo while ridding a pet
 - rush skill attack range
 - Zen Increase for Pet Unicorn
 - New Year monster use with Monster Spawn Event system
 - potion use by MuHelper after level up
 - 3D camera does not work on certain maps
 - DataServer/gameserver security fixes & improvements
 - Added (angel)items to xshop
 - Upgraded-pimped ancient % options  of:
 -- bloodangel
 -- darkangel
 -- holyangel
 -- awakening set

Run update.exe in your muclient to get the latest updates installed.

Posted 14 / 12 / 2018

Mutop100 december free vip event

The holiday month of the year has started!Muonline top 100 server

To celeberate all people will get FREE MUONLINE VIP GOLD accounts.


Just walk around ingame, be online,  and at the end of every day the vip status will be added to your account.

Happy hunting and leveling !


Posted 04 / 12 / 2018

Updates 3-december

The new updates release log till 3 december:

- Ruud set adds extra life: 55.000 hp
- x-shop: added sword and crossbow BAA/blessed archangel
- x-shop: added fenrirs
- x-shop: remove Mithril and Spirit Powder
- changed antihack system
- added new NON-PvP server

- security fixes
- minor performance fixes & optimalisations.

New cleaned-up client with latest fixes installed released in our download section or

run update.exe in your mutop100 gameclient.

November installed updates log:

- ice queen drops intermediate stone, to create level2 wings
- elemental punish pvm damage % of life monster reduced, too big damage on pvm bosses.
- deep dungeon 1 spots + mini bosses with good drops ( Elemental Rune, new pentagram )
- 20 wcoins auto-reward every 1 hour online time
- scroll of flame at lorencia shop
- Pouch of Blessing (Stadium) % chance it drops Soul aswell
- Fix Lucky Coin reward for 30, better items for elemental, removed spirit powder aswell
- Siege event, guild WINNERS = defending
- Exp event enabled

- Socket values fixes

- Pvp & pvm fixes


Posted 03 / 12 / 2018

Currently this is only one server.